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tesa 4965 Double-Sided Polyester Film Tape, Acrylic Adhesive

tesa 4965 Double-Sided Polyester Film Tape, Acrylic Adhesive


From the manufacturer:


tesa® 4965 Original

205µm/8.1 mils double-sided transparent PET film tape

  • Reliable bond even on hard to stick surfaces
  • Suitability for critical demands such as heavy stress and high temperatures
  • Immediate usability right after assembly


Product description

tesa® 4965 Original is a transparent, double-sided self-adhesive tape consisting of a PET backing and a tackified acrylic adhesive. Its adhesive technology is based on a patented and protected product formulation. Several products are equipped with this unique and high performing product design and together these products make up Team 4965.

This double-sided film tape assortment helps to easily select the most efficient tape based on customer demands, products, and processes. Explore the full assortment at

Application Fields


Based on tesa® 4965's patented and protected technology, its unique performance is demonstrated through outstanding qualities such as versatility, durability and safety. Across all industries tesa® 4965 Original is used to improve processes and applications. Key applications include:

  • ABS plastics parts mounting for the car industry
  • Self-adhesive mounting for rubber/EPDM profiles
  • Decorative moulding and profile mounting in the furniture industry
  • Battery pack, lens and touch-screen mounting for electronic devices


Country of origin ‏ : ‎ Germany



  • Surface Preparation

    Use only a 50/50 blend of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and water to clean surfaces prior to application. Surface must be dry and clear of dirt, debris, grease, etc. Do not use ammonia products.

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